clients served...

Abba Dabba Productions, LLC
Blue Ribbon All-Star Band
Café Monté Alto
Clean Bee Soapworks
Djoliba Kan, Musicians
Ed Bernard Realty
ETP, Energy Training Program
Garretson Carpentry and Repair
JHA Designs
Kathy McKay, Physical Therapist
Lakes Region Community College
Lisa Dosher, Musician
Lisa’s Personal Training
Local Foods Plymouth
Longhaul Farm
Mountain River Artwork
Mountain River T’ai Chi
Namory Keita, Musician
North Star Mediation
Om My God Clothing
One Lux Jewelry
Pemi Valley Bluegrass Associates
Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative
Pocket Change, Musicians
Sunny Grange Bed and Breakfast
Tangle Clubhouse
Transitions Herbal Gifts for the Soul
Yoga studio 8